Using iCsekk you can pay your bills in a simple, quick and comfortable way. All you need is an Android or IOS based smartphone, a bank card and the QR code placed on the postal check or invoice.



  • Download the application to your IOS or Android based smartphone
  • Install the application on your phone
  • Enter you email address and a password on the registration page
  • Confirm your registration by clicking on the link sent to your email address


  • Use "Pay with QR-code" menu item to scan the QR code, or send your bill from Díjnet to the application
  • Check the contents of the bill
  • Press the „Pay now” button to pay your bill with bank card




  • All white and yellow postal checks that contain a QR code.
  • You can find detailed information about the QR code scanning and the payment process in the user guide.


  • Your bills presented in the Díjnet system can also be paid through the iCsekk application.
  • Click to view all service providers available in the Díjnet system.


  • Agnatel Kft.
  • Agnátus Pont 2004 Kft.
  • Bácsvíz Víz- és Csatornaszolgáltató Zrt.
  • DBRT
  • Debreceni Hőszolgáltató Zrt.
  • Debreceni Vízmű Zrt.
  • Digi Kft.
  • Direct One
  • Érd és Térsége Víziközmű Kft.
  • Érd és Térsége Csatorna-szolgáltató Kft.
  • FCS Group Kft.
  • Fővárosi Csatornázási Művek Zrt.
  • Heves Megyei Vízmű Zrt.
  • Hódmezővásárhely Önkormányzata
  • Kiskunhalas Város Önkormányzata
  • Mediaworks Hungary Zrt.
  • MVM Next Energiakereskedelmi Zrt.
  • Nyírségvíz Zrt.
  • Orosháza Önkormányzata
  • Stabil-Téka Kft.
  • Vodafone (korábbi UPC szolgáltatás)
  • Wáberer Hungária Biztosító Zrt.


  • Telekom
  • Telenor
  • Vodafone


The iCsekk payment provider, OTP Mobil Szolgáltató Kft, has introduced changes from 21 December 2020. The changes are required by the European Union's strong customer authentication legislation under Directive PSD2 for security reasons. Thus, as with other European webstores and mobile apps, when using the iCsekk mobile app, two-step authentication may be required for the majority of bank card purchases during a transaction. This means that, in addition to the usual steps, an additional security element may be added to the process for bank card payments, as decided by the issuing bank to protect customers.

The easiest payment method will continue to be the bank card previously saved with the payment service provider. Instant payments with a registered bank card can be made with a Simple account or the Simple app. Once the saved bank card is selected, no further authentication is typically required.

In the case of the third payment method, when paying with bank card details provided on an individual basis during the transaction

  • the authentication takes place either in the card issuing bank’s application (for customers using a mobile banking application)
  • or by entering the internet purchase ID and the unique code received by text, as provided by the card issuing bank (for customers who do not use a mobile banking application, banks typically provide this option)

Since 1 January 2021, card-issuing banks may require two-step customer authentication for any payment transaction. If you have any problems or questions during the payment process, please contact the payment service provider involved in the payment process (SimplePay payment) or the customer service of the bank issuing the card for further assistance.

You can pay any cheque with a Magyar Posta QR code or invoice with an iCsekk QR code in the app after you have scanned the QR code. From June 2021, some postal cheques with a QR code will require you to enter details such as amount, name or address after scanning the QR code. If you want to pay your electronic invoices using the iCsekk application, you can do so in the case of the service providers listed in the Díjnet system. If you are not already registered on Díjnet, please start your registation at www.dijnet.hu.

Go to the store that corresponds to the type of mobile device you have (Google Play, App Store, Huawei AppGallery) and download the iCsekk app using your mobile phone's browser.

Once you have successfully downloaded the app, you only need to enter your e-mail address and a password to create your iCsekk account. A link will be sent to your e-mail address to confirm your registration.

The system security solutions are equivalent to those of banking systems. The development, operational processes and operational environment have been implemented using the most sophisticated technology, data processing and infocommunications solutions that comply with industry and security standards.

You don't have to worry, as no one can access your data without a password. If you still want to take further steps, please feel free to contact our customer service at info@icsekk.hu. info@icsekk.hu.

The use of the iCsekk application is free, but its downloading and use may involve data traffic. Payments initiated through the iCsekk application are considered bank card purchases. Please note that the conditions of your bank account package may affect the charges applied to bank card payments.

After photographing the QR code or selecting the invoice to be paid, you can initiate the payment on the banking partner interface of the application. Transactions are not charged to your phone bill, but to the balance of the bank account associated with your bank card.
If you already have a Simple account: you can select the bank card you want to pay with on the payment service provider's interface.
If you don't already have a Simple account: if you would like to pay your bills more conveniently and quickly, you can save your unregistered bank card information, e.g.: when you make your first payment (this feature also allows you to register multiple bank cards).
Of course, you still have the option to pay with an unregistered bank card in iCsekk.
You can also set your preferred payment method as the default, making your future payments easier. You can change your default payment method at any time.

In iCsekk, you can use any bank card that is suitable for online payments. For bank card payments, the SimplePay service developed by OTP Mobil Szolgáltató Kft. provides the card acceptance option.

The version update of the app does not affect the list of settled invoices.

In this case, simply save the transaction by selecting the ‘Pay later’ button. Later on, when you have enough funds in your bank account, you can initiate the payment from the ‘Pending invoices’ menu item in the app.

The iCsekk application always sends an e-mail about the transactions you have made to the e-mail address provided during registration.

Magyar Posta settles cheque payments initiated via the iCsekk application on the next working day to the service providers (however, payment orders received after 10 p.m. will be considered as received the following day). In practice, this means that cheque payments completed before 10 p.m. will be processed by the Post Office on the next working day, but the lead time between the accounting of the amount paid in the service provider's system and the date of payment may vary by service provider. If you pay your Díjnet invoice via the application, the transfer will be made to the service provider within 2 banking working days, but the lead time between the accounting of the amount paid in the service provider's system and the date of payment may vary by service provider.

If you are registered in the electronic invoicing system of Díjnet, you can send all your electronic invoices to your mobile phone, to the iCsekk application. Once the service has been successfully activated, all your pending invoices in your Díjnet account will be automatically transferred to your iCsekk account, so you can initiate the settlement of your invoices via your mobile phone.

Once logged in, you can activate the Díjnet service under the ‘Settings’ menu point, which requires you to enter your Díjnet account login details (username and password).

All cheques with a Magyar Posta QR code can be paid using the iCsekk app. The list of service providers only includes Díjnet partners and service providers whose invoices have an iCsekk QR code. Other QR codes issued by third-party providers cannot be used to scan and pay for a transaction through the app, but when scanning such a code, the app will also flag it as an unknown code.

Try scanning it again. You can always start the process over by launching the iCsekk app and scanning the QR code. If the QR code has already been scanned and paid, the app will notify you. The repeated payment can be continued based on the Payer’s decision.

Yes, the application provides feedback on the results of all transactions in the application interface, and also sends e-mail messages for successful transactions.

By default, the iCsekk application sends a payment reminder message two days before the due dates of the pending invoice payment deadlines or when a new Díjnet invoice is received. This feature allows you to set how many days before the expiry of your invoice you wish to be reminded of your payment obligation under the ‘Notifications’ section of the ‘Settings’ menu item.

If you do not want to execute a transaction immediately, you can save it and pay it later. To make a deferred payment, you need to select the ‘Pay later’ button on the Invoice details screen, which will move your transaction to the ‘Pending invoices’ menu item. You can start the payment later without scanning by selecting the transaction and clicking the ‘Pay Now’ button.

The application provides the possibility to display the payment deadlines per invoice in the calendar application available on the device, in case of the invoices listed under ‘Pending invoices’.

If you have a MyPost card, you must register it and link it to the iCsekk application. In the ‘Profile data’ menu item, you need to enter the barcode identification number (LUA.......) on the back of your MyPost card. If the registration is successful, loyalty points can be collected for each cheque payment made by scanning the QR code on the cheque.

If you register your MyPostcard in the iCsekk application, you can earn Loyalty Points for each successful cheque payment made by scanning the QR code on the cheque, as defined in Annex 2 of the current MyPost Loyalty Programme General Terms and Conditions.


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