User's Guide for the new iCsekk application

The iCsekk mobile app was renewed on February 20, 2020.

Due to the strong customer authentication legislation, the credit card payment function has been modified and the application has also got a more modern look!


If you still want to pay with your mobile device your paper checks and the invoices presented on Díjnet, read our summary of changes to iCsekk!



The application is still free to download and all that you need are just a smartphone, a credit card, the QR code of your check and / or your registration in Díjnet.



The application needs to be updated.
  • If you have an iOS device, first delete the earlier version of the iCsekk mobile app and download the new one here:
  • If you have an Android device and your device is not set to auto update, please update the app here:
Registration is required to use the new app.

To use the new app, registration with an email address and a new password is required for the users of the previous app too. A confirmation email will be sent to you to confirm the authenticity of your email address. (If you do not receive your registration email, please also check your SPAM folder.)

The new registration is necessary, because the iCsekk service ID data will be the e-mail address instead of the mobile phone number. This will make it easier to use iCsekk on more the one device, and even if you change phone numbers, you will be able to use it smoothly and access previously initiated transactions.

In the new application, you can display checks scanned by the previous iCsekk application and paid invoices.

In the ”Profile details” menu item, enter the mobile phone number you registered in the previous iCsekk application. To verify, you must write the code that you receive via SMS in the ”Confirmation code” field of the application. After that your previously scanned checks/unpaid invoices will be visible on “Waiting bills” menu, and your checks/invoices that were paid by the previous iCsekk application you can find under “Paid bills”.


Important! Your Díjnet Accounts will reappear in the future in the iCsekk application by turning on the “Díjnet” button in the Settings menu and entering the Díjnet account username and password on the pop-up screen.

If you would like to receive notifications about your Díjnet electronic invoices sent to your iCsekk, you must turn on the “When new Díjnet bill arrives” button under ”Notifications”.

The credit card payment function has changed.

Bank card details saved in the previous application will not be available in your newly registered iCsekk account.

With the new app, you can pay with SimplePay, even with a saved credit card.

  • If you have a Simple account: you can select the credit card you want to use to pay on the page of the payment service provider.
  • If you don’t have Simple account yet: you can save the non-registered credit card data, for example at the first payment (besides this the service offers the possibility to register more than one credit card). Of course, you will still be able to pay with non-registered credit card in the iCsekk.

Important! Downloading the Simple app is optional, not a prerequisite for using iCsekk.

You can earn loyalty points.

If you have a MyPost card, you will also be able to earn loyalty points by making check payments. Enter the eight-digit identifier (LUA……..). under the barcode on the back of the loyalty card in the “Profile details” menu.

More about the loyalty program:

Thank you for using our iCsekk service!

We look forward you to use our renewed service with satisfaction - for the arrangement and the payment of the paper checks and the invoices presented on Díjnet.

Install now the application on your iOS or Android device!


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